Power To Change Scholarship Fund

Honoring the Life and Work of Elizabeth Edwards

This fund honors the life and work of Singer-Songwriter Elizabeth Edwards.  Her life story of addiction and long-term recovery has inspired many. 

Her original music writings, performances and recordings have encouraged many to find the hope and help they need to break free from the bonds of addiction and strengthen their personal journey of sobriety.  She has and she continues to demonstrate a real-life commitment to service and advocacy.


Giving Voice to Recovery

Through Song

It’s Elizabeth’s goal to let people know that first; they are not alone and second; it is not hopeless.  People can, and do recover every day.  “We go on to find amazing, meaningful lives worth living.”

Purpose of the Scholarship Fund

The “Power to Change” scholarship fund has four distinct purposes:

  1. Providing financial assistance to enable individuals to receive treatment for addiction
  2. Addressing and raising awareness about the stigma associated with addiction
  3. Supporting “Sober Schools” and Collegiate College Recovery efforts
  4. Providing for Governmental Advocacy – Giving voice to recovery

How to Give

Gifts to The Power to Change Scholarship Fund are managed by The Gene Duffy Foundation and distributions to benefactors are made in concert and with the advice of Elizabeth Edwards in accordance with IRS regulations.

Gifts by check or money order for this fund should be made out to The Gene Duffy Foundation and designated “For the Power to Change Scholarship Fund.” They should be sent to The Gene Duffy Foundation, 3591 Paris Pike, Lexington, KY 40511.

Make an online donation here.

Here’s an image of Elizabeth singing her song, “You’ll Always Be My Hero” for the thousands watching at the FedUp Rally in Washington D.C.