Promoting Addiction Education,

Research & Treatment.

Mission & Vision

We exist to promote education and research about drug and alcohol addiction, and to provide assistance for the treatment of these addictions.

About the Foundation

Learn more about our new campaign which provides early intervention, awareness and prevention for teachers and children in the classroom.

Our current leading initiative is to increase access to
drug and alcohol treatment in the Bluegrass Region.

About the Bluegrass Initiative

What We Do


Build awareness and overcome stigma through community education and by supporting the treatment industry through providing college scholarships for those who are training as clinicians.


Fund research projects for alcoholism and addiction and develop a community of professionals who can share best practices in addiction treatment.


Provide financial assistance for those in need of treatment who are financially challenged but have a reasonable support structure available post-treatment to improve their chance of long-term successful recovery and who will enter a residential treatment program with the same 12-Step philosophy that Gene Duffy embraced and taught.

Gene Duffy

Help Continue Gene’s Legacy

Gene Duffy was a recovering alcoholic and a pioneer in the addiction recovery space. From the early 1960s to his final days, he was dedicated to helping alcoholics and addicts. One way Gene gave back was to start a pioneering residential treatment center. Four generations of the Duffy family have provided leadership at that treatment center, Duffy’s Napa Valley. We want to continue his legacy of serving others and giving back.

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The Gene Duffy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible.